Thermographic Inspection

The principle of Infrared Thermography is based on the physical phenomenon that any body of a temperature above absolute zero (-273.15 °C) emits electromagnetic radiation. There is clear correlation between the surface of a body and the intensity and spectral composition of its emitted radiation.

By determining its radiation intensity the temperature of an object can thereby be determined in a non-contact way. Thermography has proven to be the best tool to find out the hotspots on transformer core,winding,bushings & other components in online condition using Thermographic cameras.


Prognosys will analyze the data and will submit a report that will include information relating to the following

  • Condition Assessment report for the Transformer frame,Bushing,winding……

  • Immediate recommendations to rectify any faults prevailing in the Transformer
  • Maintenance plan based on Condition of Transformer components obtained from the analysis report.
  • Recommends maintenance actions for life extension of Transformer based on the analysis report generated.
  • Report also includes recommendations on future testing schedule.