Diagnostic Tests

Thermal, Electrical, Ambient (or environmental) and Mechanical (TEAM) stresses act on various components of Transformers, either singly or in combinations (thermo-mechanical, electro-thermal, electro-mechanical, etc), with varying intensities, depending on design, manufacturing, operating, maintenance and storage conditions, ultimately weakening (ageing, defect formation) the structure of the Transformer component (winding, insulation,frame,bushing etc) and ultimately resulting in failure. Based on various international surveys and studies it has been concluded that winding insulation is found to be the one of the maximum potential areas of failures in Transformers.

PROGNOSYS provides Diagnostic Testing services for Transformers includes following techniques listed below, which will assess the condition of Machine Insulation System in total.

1. DC Megger Tests
2. Capacitance & Tan Delta Analysis
3. Partial Discharge Analysis
4. DC Leakage Current Test
5. Winding Resistance Test
6. Sweep Frequency Response Test
7. Turns Ratio Test
8. Magnetic Balance & Vector Group Test
9. Voltage Balance Test
10. Magnetic Balance Test
11. Core Ground Test
12. Oil Tests
13. Online Partial Discharge
14. Thermography Inspection

The main objective of this life assessment will be to generate a report which gives the information to achieve following tasks

  • To arrest the deterioration in performance
  • To improve the availability, reliability, efficiency and safety of equipment.
  • To regain lost capacity
  • To extend useful life beyond design life and save investment on new equipment.