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Online Rotor Flux Monitoring

The Rotor Flux Monitoring Probes has Proven Effective in the Detection of Generator rotor winding shorted turns and has helped to improve the quality of predictive maintenance decisions concerning when or if rotor rework should be performed. Analysis of Rotor flux probe data can pinpoint the number and location (pole and coil) of shorted turns without having to take the generator off-line.

Shorted turns can have significant effects on a generator and its performance. If the percentage of total turns shorted out is small, the generator may be able to run at rated load for years without further problems. Larger shorted turn percentages, however, can cause operating conditions that may limit unit loads. If the problems become severe, forced outages may occur.

Prognosys provides services like Online Rotor Flux probe Installation, Calibration,Periodic Data Acquisition & Assessment services

We provide Rotor Flux Monitoring analysis which will enable us to identify different Rotor Faults:

  • Rotor unbalance that varies with field current changes (thermal sensitivity),
  • Rotor/stator vibration due to unbalanced magnetic force
  • Higher field current than previously experienced at a specific load
  • Higher operating temperatures due to higher field currents