Condition Assessment Study

In this condition assessment package, we will assess the condition of total insulation system of electrical rotating machine consisting of high voltage generators.


Condition Assessment Technique will be implemented as per following techniques listed below, which will assess the condition of Machine Insulation System in total. The various techniques are detailed as below.

1. Visual & Endoscopic Inspection
2. Insulation Resistance &  Polarisation Index
3. Tan Delta & Capacitance Test
4. Partial Discharge Analysis
5. Digital ELCID Test
6. DC/AC High Voltage Tests
7. Wedge Deflection/Mapping Test
8. DC Winding Resistance
9. Natural Frequency Test
10. Coupling Resistance Test
11. Rotor RSO Test
12. Rotor AC Impedence Tests
13. Exciter Tests
14. Diodes & Fuses Tests

The main objective of this condition assessment is to generate a report which gives the information to achieve following tasks

  • To arrest the deterioration in performance
  • To improve the availability, reliability, efficiency and safety of equipment.
  • To regain lost capacity
  • To extend useful life beyond design life and save investment on new equipment.